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On the auspicious occasion of the New Year I extend my good wishes and

Greetings to all ethnic national brothers and sisters for their good health, well-being and auspiciousness.

Dear esteemed ethnic national brothers and sisters.

At this time, internal peace, national reconciliation and national unity are things which are urgently needed for our country. If we all cooperate and work with understanding and trust based on a balanced view, we would surely be able to build a peaceful, prosper ous and developed Democratic Federal Union.

We wish to report to all our ethnic brothers and sisters that our Pyithu

Hluttaw is also striving for creating a Democratic Federal Union through national unity and national reconciliation to secure lasting peace desired by all the people.

May all the ethnic nationals and people be able to collaborate with our Hluttaw by shouldering any duties entrusted upon you for peace, building the Democratic Federal Union, and national development. May you all be able to work strenuously with unflagging zeal and determination with all your physical and mental capabilities for the perpetuation of the Union.

 I extend these good wishes for your good health and well-being and for all your wishes to be fulfilled in the 2020 New Year.

Reference : GNLM

1 January 2019