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Pyithu Hluttaw organized its 7th -day meeting of 17th regular session yesterday.

MP U Khin Maung Thein from Sagaing region constituency asked for new paints on the 90-year-old Sagaing bridge (Inwa).

Deputy Minister for Transport and Communications U Kyaw Myo replied some parts of 3,948-foot-long bridge are being painted, and its remaining areas could be painted on the availability of budget allocation in 2021-2022 financial year.

MP U Myo Zaw Oo from Lewe constituency asked about organizational structure, responsibility and accountability of third party organizations, and policies and directives for their operations.

Deputy Minister for Construction Dr Kyaw Linn replied that the staff members from Quality Control Division of Village Development Department are representing the government in quality control inspection; although they do not earn additional charges for inspection works, they have to manage all the QC processes; the ministry has also drafted the Construction Development Bill; if contractor companies, quality control inspection teams and third parties failed to adhere to provisions in tender agreement, then fines will be imposed in line with the Myanmar Engineering Council Law.

MP U Thar Aung from Myothit constituency asked for inspection of quality control at the inter-village roads and allocation of budget for the damaged roads.

Deputy Minister Dr Kyaw Linn replied that inspections of quality control are being carried out by the third parties of local governments, while the periodic maintenance, the routine maintenance and the special maintenance are being performed by using the funds of Union government and the local governments Since 2017-2018 financial year.

MP U Yan Kyin Kan from Kunlong constituency asked for maintenance of bank erosion at 9 places of Neint Taint creek, MP U Sai Ngaung Sai Hein from Maukmai constituency about the implementation of digital payment system for cash fines on the vehicles which breach traffic rules. The two questions were answered by Deputy Minister for Transport and Communications U Kyaw Myo.

MP U Khun Than Htoo from Hsihseng constituency asked for construction of the remaining 2-mile section on the Union Highway in his constituency, MP U Khin Maung Myint rom Yaksawk constituency about upgrade of an inter-village road in his constituency, MP U Thein Tun from Kyaunggon constituency about upgrade of inter-village earth road in his constituency, MP Daw Tin Tin Yi from Kyungsu constituency about construction of the 1,700ft inter-village bridge in her constituency. The questions were answered by Deputy Minister Dr Kyaw Linn.

The Pyithu Hluttaw approved the Direct Sale Bill submitted by the Ministry of Commerce. MP U Min Thein from Taungdwingyi constituency tabled a motion that urged the Union Government to increase traffic awareness campaign and its law enforcement measures to reduce road accidents and related death tolls mainly caused by motorcycle accidents.

The Hluttaw agreed to discuss the motion, and the Speaker invited the list of MPs who want to discuss it.

The 8th -day meeting of 17th  regular session of Pyithu Hluttaw is scheduled on 4 August.

Reference: GNLM

31 July 2020